5 Clean Air Benefits for a Healthier Lifestyle

With rapid urbanization, fresh air is by all means a luxury. If you are a city dweller, and have been one all your life, you have grown rather oblivious to all the hazardous substances in the air we breathe. Every day, we are exposed to millions of spores, dust particles, smoke from vehicles, factories, polluted gases etc. These pollutants in air carry many harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, CFC etc. which can cause cancer. Besides during pollination of trees, the innumerable tiny airborne spores may cause unwanted allergic reactions. Fresh air is therefore an absolute necessity for our physical wellbeing. It may be impossible to get access to pure air in large cities, but parks, open spaces and indoor air purifiers can be of immense help for your fresh air requirements.

5 Clean Air Benefits for a Healthier Lifestyle

Clean air has more health benefits than we realize. By staying indoors all the time or in a polluted environment, we are forcing our bodies to inhale stale air, making it harder for our metabolism to function properly. Fresh air really does make a difference! Good oxygen intake improves our cardiovascular functions immensely, hence contributing to heart health.

Here are some of the top health benefits of clean, fresh air-

1. Better Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Those with blood pressure problems, especially high blood pressure, run a high risk of developing cardiac diseases, brain stroke etc. Living in polluted air forces your body to work harder for the oxygen inhaled. Notice that when you feel suffocated, your heart rate increases dramatically. Something similar happens when there is a lack of oxygen in air. However, fresh air does not put that much stress on your heart, keeping both blood pressure and heart rate in check.

2. Cleaner Lungs

The air sacs of your lungs can fully expand with a breath of fresh air, instantly boosting the cleansing function of your lungs. Also, when you breathe out, you release many airborne toxins along with carbon dioxide from your body.  If you are a city dweller, why not invest in a good air purifier today? Check out the best air purifier reviews on this site.

3. Stronger Immune System

Our white blood cells guard our bodies from harmful bacteria and germs. In order to fight and kill them effectively, they rely heavily on a steady supply of oxygen. Fresh air supplies us with just that.

4. Stronger Mind and Body

Ever noticed how taking a walk at the park clears your head? Pure air not only helps you to think better, but it also gives you a boost of energy. Twenty percent of the oxygen your body intake is needed by your brain. A better oxygen supply means better brain function, helping you to think clearly, concentrate better and boost your energy level.

5. Happier You

Serotonin, the hormone that induces happiness in your brain is secreted when there is more oxygen in your brain. It can effectively lighten your mood and create a sense of well being. Hence, fresh air helps you relax and get refreshed.

To know more reasons why you should enjoy fresh air, click http://www.yourstandardlife.com/archives/5-Enjoy-Fresh-Air-for-Better-Health.html

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