How Can Musicians Stay Healthy While On The Road

A musician’s life is certainly exciting and glamorous. They attend different parties and do many concerts, wearing their stunning outfits and criss cross ring. They also have the opportunity to travel the world when they are on tour.

For musicians and performers, health is of utmost importance because a life of touring and performing is very demanding both physically and emotionally. Intense days require the most energy, while unending travel doesn’t leave the time for proper and complete rest and recuperation.  Hence, staying healthy is really important. Here are some tips that will help musicians to be in their best shape, both mentally and physically, while on the road.

How Can Musicians Stay Healthy While On The Road

Keep Yourself Hydrated and Avoid Caffeine

Life on the road is exhausting. You need more energy than usual to get through the days, the rehearsals, the interviews and the performances. Under such circumstances, using caffeine to pump yourself up is definitely not a good idea.

Drinking water is really important. Purchase an insulated canteen to keep the hot beverages you like toasty warm and the cold ones completely chilled, both on and off the stage. Use a good and durable reusable water bottle instead of single use water bottles and Styrofoam cups. This is also good for the planet. You can even customize and decorate your water bottle to express yourself.

Remember to Sanitize

Foreign places, roadside motels, local watering holes, public toilets… Germs generally surround you while you are on tour. Hand sanitizers can help you to stay healthy, but they still have disadvantages. A wise choice would be a pure formulation with an organic alcohol base. It smells like lavender or lemon.

Eat Tons of Protein

Foods such as Hemp hearts are a great and healthy source of protein. They will not even take up much space in your van. These seeds are not loaded with fillers, filled with preservatives or processed. You can sprinkle them on different salads, put into a delicious smoothie, mix them with your favourite cereal or just plainly enjoy them. Proteins help you to stay refreshed.

Try to Relax

One of the best and most rewarding things you can do for yourself while on the road is stop to breathe, clear your mind and focus on something other than the stressful schedules and things that is part of concert tours. Even if you take twenty minutes out for yourself, it will be helpful. Add in a yoga mat with all the equipment for your shows and take a few minutes whenever you can to relax and create a place of sanity. Having some “me” time is really important.

Keep Everything Organized and Clean

When you are on tour, you spend a lot of time on your van. It is important that you wash your windows, wash your clothes, wash your floors and wash your face. Clean all the things you can. Being in a really clean environment always induces positive emotions. You will be happy if you keep everything clean.

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