How to Take Good Care of Your Voice

There will be instances when you need to care for your voice because you need to use it often. You need your voice in order to speak with other people especially on the phone. It is much harder to convey your message when you are not understood by the person you are speaking with.

There are instances when people would experience a strain in their vocal cords probably because of using their voice too much. When the vocal cords become stressed, there is a big possibility that they will be ruined permanently and this is not something that people would like to experience.

How to Take Good Care of Your Voice

At times, you need your voice for your profession. Male voice over artists would have to do some projects wherein they will narrate certain situations. Their voices would have to be at their best in order to keep projects coming. In order not to lose their voice, people would have to take good care of their own voices but how will this be possible? Here are some of the ways to do that:

  1. Prepare Your Vocal Cords Ahead of Time

Have you ever wondered why singers usually do some vocal exercises before singing? This is because they would need to practice first so that their vocal cords will not become strained in the process. They first have to practice the mid notes before they start reaching high notes. This will allow the vocal cords of achieving such notes.

  1. Stop Smoking

One thing that can ruin vocal cords is smoking. There is a tendency for the vocal cords to become irritated or inflamed when exposed to smoke. Reducing the tendency to become exposed to cigarettes will change things tremendously. Sometimes, just being in a club wherein everyone is smoking can already have a huge effect on the vocal cords so this is something that should be given a lot of attention.

  1. Make Sure to Unclench Your Jaw

There is a tendency of some people to clench their jaws mainly because they grind their teeth when they sleep at night. This is not only bad for the teeth but also bad for the jaws. When the jaws are clenched or tensed, the voice may also be affected since they seem to be held back instead of flowing freely. Sometimes, the jaw may also be tensed because of stress and may be totally unrelated to sleeping problems. Get to know more about that here.

Do remember that as you grow older, there are some factors that may change the quality of your voice. Exposure to alcoholic beverages is one thing although some people are not aware of this. When they drink too much, the voice will have the tendency to become deeper and more hoarse. This is the reason why some singers find it hard to reach notes that they used to reach without issues before. This is also the same with cigarette smoking. Once again, exposure to smoke can strain the vocal cords and can change the tone of the voice. Take care of your voice and take care of your whole body because it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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