The Safest Way to Get Gorgeous Tanned Skin

You probably have heard of all the hazard of sun tanning by now.  The harmful sun rays can burn your skin and excessive sun tanning could lead to skin rashes and diseases like skin cancer.  But tanned skin is something that is and will always be admirable.  Tanned skin helps fade scars and reduces the visibility of stretch marks, bruises and spider veins, which is why so many people are still doing sun tanning despite all the warnings.

The Safest Way to Get Gorgeous Tanned Skin

The safest way to get beautiful tanned skin

There are a lot of tanning products on the market that will allow you to get gorgeous skin without putting your body in danger by lying in the sun.  The top tanning products are;

Tanning beds – Technology has made it possible for you to own your very own tanning bed so you can enjoy luxury tanning sessions from the comfort of your home.

Self-tanning products – Products like tanning lotions, tanning sprays and tanning creams have great results to get beautifully brown skin but you need to take care when applying these to ensure you don’t end up with an uneven tan.

Airbrush tanning – An airbrush tanning session has the most natural looking finished result.  Airbrushed tanning will last up to ten days and will make your skin look absolutely gorgeous.

The safest and affordable method of self-tanning is probably to get your own tanning bed.  Airbrushing and self-tanners fade in less than ten days and is loaded with a lot of chemicals that might not be as good for your skin as you might think.  Salon tanning sessions could end up being quite unaffordable if you want to be beautifully tanned at all times.

Why tanning beds are the safest and most affordable solution

Tanning beds can provide you with the best tanning results and is completely safe if you use the correct tanning lotions.  The tannings beds also help improve the level of Vitamin D in your skin which will keep your skin younger looking for longer.  A tanned skin also helps boost your confidence and increases your energy levels so you can be more active and lively during hot summer days.  Tanning sessions in home tanning beds provide easy and flexibility for those who want to look and feel great.

Things to remember when buying a tanning bed

The best tanning beds have between 16 – 24 bulbs that are positioned in a semi-circle around your body.  The circulated positioning provides the most even tan result possible because your body will get tanned from all angles.  You should enquire about the tanning bulb’s availability to ensure you don’t end up using a product that you won’t be able to maintain.  A lot of tanning bulbs can be ordered online and can be delivered to your doorstep safely.  You should always wear a tanning bed lotion when you use a tanning bed.  Tanning bed lotions are specially formulated to help protect your skin from the UV rays, keep your skin moist so you don’t end up getting flaky and will improve your overall tan results.


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